Learn Japanese Vocabulary N3
Meaning :oh, ah
Ex :わたしかれをあっと言わいわせてやりたい。
Trans :I want to surprise him.
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Hiragana :あい
Meaning :love, affection, care; attachment, craving, desire
Ex :彼女かのじょあい切望せつぼうしていた。
Trans :She was greedy for love.
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Hiragana :あいさつ
Meaning :greeting, greetings, salutation, salute, polite set phrase used when meeting or parting from somebody; polite set phrase used to express apology, sympathy, congratulations, etc.; speech (congratulatory or appreciative), address; reply, response; revenge, retaliation; a fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark); dialoging (with another Zen practitioner to ascertain their level of enlightenment)
Ex :「このたびはご愁傷さまでございます。」とひとことお悔みくやみ挨拶あいさつをします。
Trans :Use a brief expression of condolence, such as: "On this sad occasion we grieve with you".
練習 :
Hiragana :あいじょう
Meaning :love, affection
Ex :彼女かのじょ父親ちちおや愛情あいじょう独占どくせんしたいと思っおもった。
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Hiragana :あいず
Meaning :sign, signal
Ex :かれ静かしずかにしなさいという合図あいずとしてゆびくちびる当てあてた。
Trans :He put his finger to his lips as a sign to be quiet.
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Meaning :ice cream, icecream
Ex :ぼくにアイスクリームをとっておいてよ。
Trans :Save me some ice cream.
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Hiragana :あいする
Meaning :to love
Ex :ノスタルジックな感じかんじがたまらなく好きすきひともいるし、独創どくそうせい愛するあいするひともいる。
Trans :There are people who go mad for the nostalgic feel and also those who love originality.
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Hiragana :あいて
Meaning :companion, partner, company; other party, addressee; opponent (sports, etc.)
Ex :初めはじめから果敢かかんまえ圧倒あっとうし、体勢たいせい崩しくずし相手あいて押し出しおしだした。
Trans :He resolutely pushed forward from the start, overwhelming and pushing out his off-balance opponent.
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Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
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Meaning :(electric) iron
Ex :はははワイシャツのしわをアイロンでのばすのにいそがしかった。
Trans :I found my mother busy ironing out some shirts.
練習 :
Ex :打者だしゃはアウトになった。
Trans :The batter was out.
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Hiragana :あかり
Meaning :light, illumination, glow, gleam; lamp, light
Ex :旅人たびびと遠方えんぽう明かりあかり喜んよろこんだ。
Trans :The traveler was delighted at the sight of a light in the distance.
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Hiragana :あき
Meaning :space, room, emptiness, gap; opening, vacancy, empty seat; free time, time to spare; disuse, unused thing
Ex :かれ辞職じしょく官僚かんりょうせき空きあきができた。
Trans :His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet.
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Hiragana :あきらか
Meaning :obvious, evident, clear, plain
Ex :明らかあきらか彼女かのじょ生物せいぶつ工学こうがくについてよく知っしっている。
Trans :Clearly, she knows a lot about biotechnology.
練習 :
Hiragana :あきらめる
Meaning :to give up, to abandon (hope, plans), to resign oneself (to)
Ex :ぼく数学すうがくをあきらめるよ。
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Hiragana :あきる
Meaning :to get tired of, to lose interest in, to have enough
Ex :要するにようするにかれなににでも飽きるあきるのだ。
Trans :In a word, he tires of everything.
練習 :
Hiragana :あくしゅ
Meaning :handshake
Ex :彼女かのじょ握手あくしゅをしようと差し出しさしだした。
Trans :She gave me her hand to shake.
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Hiragana :あくま
Meaning :devil, demon, fiend, Satan, evil spirit
Ex :魔女まじょ集会しゅうかい悪魔あくま召喚しょうかんする。
Trans :Her coven conjures the demons.
練習 :
Hiragana :あける
Meaning :to raise, to elevate; to do up (one's hair); to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.); to land (a boat); to deep-fry; to show someone (into a room); (uk) to summon (for geishas, etc.); to send someone (away); to enrol (one's child in school), to enroll; to increase (price, quality, status, etc.), to develop (talent, skill), to improve; to make (a loud sound), to raise (one's voice); to earn (something desirable); to praise; to give (an example, etc.), to cite; to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.); to arrest; to nominate; to give; to offer up (incense, a prayer, etc.) to the gods (or Buddha, etc.); to bear (a child); to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding); (of the tide) to come in; to vomit; to do for (the sake of someone else); to complete ...; to humbly do ...
Ex :たまごから孵化ふかしたてのメダカにはどのようなえさをあげればよろしいでしょうか?
Trans :What should you feed killifish that have just hatched from their eggs?
練習 :
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
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Hiragana :あずける
Meaning :to give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit; to lean on, to put one's weight on
Ex :預けあづけていた貴重きちょうひん返却へんきゃくしてください。
Trans :Could you give me back my valuables?
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Hiragana :あせ
Meaning :sweat, perspiration; moisture, condensation
Ex :踊り子おどりこ優雅ゆうがさは懸命けんめい練習れんしゅうあせ苦しくるしさから生まれるうまれるのです。
Trans :Their grace comes from hard work, sweat, and pain.
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Hiragana :あたえる
Meaning :to give (esp. to someone of lower status), to bestow, to grant, to confer, to present, to award; to provide, to afford, to offer, to supply; to assign; to cause; to pass (a variable to a function)
Ex :あじ濃厚のうこうで、炒めいためぶつ、スープなど中華ちゅうか料理りょうり深みふかみ与えあたえます。
Trans :It also has a strong flavour, and adds depth to Chinese food such as soups and stir-fries.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あたたか(い)
Meaning :warm, mild, genial
Ex :寒いさむい時期じきにあったかい飲物のみもの欲しいほしいときにはこういった魔法瓶まほうびんがお薦め。
Trans :In the cold season when you want to drink something hot I recommend this sort of thermos flask.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あたり
Meaning :on the bank of, by the side of (e.g. a river, pond); (in the) neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity, nearby
Ex :みずから上がりあがり入江いりえのほとりのすなうえを、よちよち歩きあるき出しだしました。
Trans :She pulled herself out of the water and waddled along the sand at the edge of the creek.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あたる
Meaning :to be hit, to strike; to touch, to be in contact, to be affixed; to be equivalent to, to be applicable, to apply to; to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.); to be selected (in a lottery, etc.), to win; to be successful, to go well, to be a hit; to face, to confront; to lie (in the direction of); to undertake, to be assigned; to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.), to be afflicted; to be called upon (by the teacher); to treat (esp. harshly), to lash out at; to be unnecessary; to be hitting well, to be on a hitting streak; (in fishing) to feel a bite; (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised, to spoil; to feel (something) out, to probe into, to check (i.e. by comparison); to shave; to be a relative of a person, to stand in a relationship
Ex :上昇じょうしょうしすぎているとみられるときは、主要しゅようこく中央ちゅうおう銀行ぎんこう協力きょうりょくして介入かいにゅう当たりあたります。
Trans :When it is seen to have risen too far, the central banks of major countries cooperate to intervene.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
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Hiragana :あつかう
Meaning :to handle, to deal with, to treat
Ex :婦人ふじんはそのおとこ寛大かんだい扱っあつかった。
Trans :The lady tolerated the man.
練習 :
Hiragana :あつまり
Meaning :gathering, meeting, assembly, collection, attendance
Ex :集まりあつまり遅れおくれないよう、すぐに出発しゅっぱつしなさい。
Trans :Start at once so as not to be late for the meeting.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あてる
Meaning :to hit; to expose; to apply (e.g. patch), to put on, to put against, to hold on, to hold against; to allot, to call on someone (e.g. in class); to guess (an answer); to make a hit (e.g. in a lottery)
Ex :有能ゆうのう探偵たんていがその悲劇ひげき原因げんいん調査ちょうさする任務にんむ当てあてられた。
Trans :The capable detective was assigned to investigate the cause of the tragedy.
練習 :
Hiragana :あと
Meaning :trace, tracks, mark, sign; remains, ruins; scar
Ex :うできずあと残しのこした。
Trans :The wound in the arm left a scar.
練習 :   
Meaning :ad, advertisement; address
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あな
Meaning :hole; deficit, shortage, missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.); vacancy, opening; flaw; profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others; upset victory (with a large payoff); pit (of a theater); hiding place; underbelly (of society, etc.)
Ex :兵士へいしあななか避難ひなんした。
Trans :The soldier took shelter in the foxhole.
練習 :
Hiragana :あびる
Meaning :to dash over oneself (e.g. water), to bathe, to bask in (e.g. the sun), to be flooded with (e.g. light), to shower; to suffer (e.g. an attack), to have abuse heaped upon, to draw criticism upon oneself
Ex :彼女かのじょ毎朝まいあさシャワーを浴びるあびる
Trans :She takes a shower every morning.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あぶら
Ex :あぶらからはなしておきなさい。
Trans :Keep oil away from the fire.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あまり
Meaning :remainder, rest, balance, remains, scraps, residue, remnant; not very (with negative sentence), not much; surplus, excess, fullness, too much; overjoyed, overwhelmed; more than, over
Ex :春先はるさきだからきゃくもあまりいませんでした。
練習 :
Hiragana :あやまり
Meaning :error, mistake, slip, bug
Ex :しかし、主人公しゅじんこう自らみずから誤りあやまり気づいきづいている。
Trans :However the protagonist is aware of his own mistakes.
練習 :   
Meaning :oh, ah
Ex :あら、あまり興味きょうみなかったはずなのに、どういうかぜ吹き回しふきまわしかな。
練習 :   
Hiragana :あらし
Meaning :storm, tempest; difficulty, trouble
Ex :小屋こやはあらしでばらばらになった。
Trans :The cabin was torn to pieces by the storm.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あらた
Meaning :new, fresh, novel; newly, freshly, re-
Ex :連邦れんぽう取引とりひき委員いいんかい不正ふせい取引とりひき調査ちょうさ新たあらた確証かくしょう握りにぎりました。
Trans :The FTC nailed down new evidence in the fraud investigation.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あらわす
Meaning :to express, to show
Ex :正義せいぎ行動こうどうによって表さあらわされる。
Trans :Justice is expressed through actions.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あらわす
Meaning :to reveal, to show, to display; to express; to represent, to signify, to stand for; to make widely known
Ex :正義せいぎ行動こうどうによって表さあらわされる。
Trans :Justice is expressed through actions.
練習 :
Hiragana :あらわれ
Meaning :embodiment, manifestation, materialization, materialisation, expression, indication
Ex :こちらを向いた拍子にあらわれたその顔の表情は、彼を驚かせた。
Trans :The expression on her face as she turned it towards him quite startled him.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あらわれる
Meaning :to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise; to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
Ex :いま太陽たいよう活動かつどう低調ていちょうですが、それでも時々ときどき大きなおおきな黒点こくてん現れあらわれます。
Trans :The sun is currently in a period of low activity but even so large sunspots occasionally appear.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Hiragana :ある
Meaning :a certain ..., some ...
Ex :ある人物じんぶつ不変ふへん性質せいしつぜん人生じんせい貫くつらぬくということは小説しょうせつなかだけのはなしだ。
Trans :Only in novels do you find individuals who live out their whole life with unvarying character.
練習 :
Hiragana :ある
Meaning :a certain ..., some ...
Ex :ある人物じんぶつ不変ふへん性質せいしつぜん人生じんせい貫くつらぬくということは小説しょうせつなかだけのはなしだ。
Trans :Only in novels do you find individuals who live out their whole life with unvarying character.
練習 :
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Meaning :album
Ex :彼女かのじょわたしにアルバムを買っかってくれた。
Trans :She bought an album for me.
練習 :
Hiragana :あわ
Meaning :bubble, foam, froth, head on beer
Ex :あわはみるみる無くなっなくなった。
Trans :The foam vanished in an instant.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あわせる
Meaning :to match (rhythm, speed, etc.); to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up; to face, to be opposite (someone); to compare, to check with; to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate); to place together, to connect, to overlap; to mix, to combine; to put blade to blade, to fight
Ex :予算よさんとは一定いってい期間きかんちゅう支出ししゅつ見込まみこまれる収入しゅうにゅうにあわせた計画けいかくです。
Trans :A budget is a plan or schedule adjusting expenses during a certain period to the estimated or fixed income for that period.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あわれ
Meaning :pity, sorrow, grief, misery, compassion, pathos; pitiable, pitiful, pathetic, miserable; alack, alas
Ex :ぼく哀れあわれこころ痛むいたむ
Trans :How my poor heart aches!
練習 :
Hiragana :あん
Meaning :idea, plan, thought; draft plan, motion, rough copy; expectation
Ex :かれ事務じむ効率こうりつをよくするあん出しだした。
Trans :He put forward a plan for improving office efficiency.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あんき
Meaning :memorization, memorisation, learning by heart
Ex :彼女かのじょもなくその暗記あんきした。
Trans :She had no difficulty in learning the poem by heart.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あんてい
Meaning :stability, equilibrium
Ex :はだがヒリつくどころか、使うつかうまえよりはだ安定あんていしてるんです。
Trans :Far from irritating my skin it was better than before I used it.
練習 :   
Hiragana :あんない
Meaning :information, guidance, leading; to guide, to show (around), to conduct
Ex :弊社へいしゃ会社かいしゃ案内あんない同封どうふういたします。
Trans :Enclosed is our company profile.
練習 :   
Meaning :to that extent, to that degree
Ex :彼等かれらにあんなに迷惑めいわくをかけて申し訳もうしわけ無いない
Trans :I felt very sorry that I had put them to so much trouble.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Meaning :stomach; Chinese "stomach" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
Ex :神経しんけい使っつかったせいか痛いいたいです。
Trans :I have a nervous stomach.
練習 :   
Meaning :Iran-Iraq
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いえ
Meaning :house, residence, dwelling; family, household; lineage, family name
Ex :ぼくのいえ目障りめざわりだったけれど、小さなちいさな目障りめざわりだったから、見逃さみのがされていた。
Trans :My own house was an eyesore, but it was a small eyesore, and it had been overlooked.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いいん
Meaning :committee member
Ex :彼らかれら彼女かのじょ委員いいん選びえらびました。
Trans :They elected her chairperson.
練習 :
Hiragana :ゆう
Meaning :to say; to name, to call; to go (e.g. the alarm went "ping"), to make a noise
Ex :サダムが脅威きょういでないなどと言ういうのは、あかがかった反戦はんせん運動うんどう人達ひとたちくらい。
練習 :   
Hiragana :いがい
Meaning :unexpected, surprising
Ex :一生懸命いっしょうけんめい磨きみがきました。困っこまったのは、意外といがいと低級ていきゅう宝石ほうせきのストックがないことです。
Trans :I polished for all I was worth. The trouble is that my stock of low-grade gems was surprisingly low.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いき
Meaning :bound for ...; going (to)
Ex :美術館びじゅつかん行きいきのバス停留所ていりゅうじょは、どこですか。
Trans :Where is the bus stop for the museum?
練習 :   
Hiragana :いき
Meaning :breath, breathing; tone, mood
Ex :彼らかれらいきがぴたりと合っあっている。
Trans :They are a perfect match for each other.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いきおい
Meaning :force, vigor, vigour, energy, spirit, life; influence, authority, power, might; impetus, momentum, course (of events); naturally, necessarily
Ex :流れながれ勢いいきおいはし押し流しおしながしてしまった。
Trans :The force of the current carried the bridge away.
練習 :
Hiragana :いきもの
Meaning :living thing, animal
Ex :万一まんいち太陽たいよう消滅しょうめつしたら、あらゆる生き物いきもの死ぬしぬだろう。
Trans :If the sun were to go out, all living things would die.
練習 :
Hiragana :いくつ
Meaning :how many?; how old?
Ex :標本ひょうほんはいくつですか。
Trans :How many samples?
練習 :
Hiragana :いくら
Meaning :how much?, how many?; even, even if
Ex :断熱だんねつ悪いわるいと、いくら暖房だんぼうしてもちっとも暖かくあたたかくならない。
練習 :
Hiragana :いし
Meaning :doctor, physician
Ex :明日あしたもう一度息子むすこ往診おうしんしてくれるように、彼女かのじょ医師いし頼んたのんだ。
Trans :She asked the doctor to come and see her son again the next day.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いし
Meaning :intention, purpose
Ex :彼女かのじょ先生せんせいたちとよく意思いし疎通そつうをはかっている。
Trans :She communicates well with her teachers.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いし
Meaning :will, volition, intention, intent, determination
Ex :彼女かのじょかれ意志いし引き継いひきついだ。
Trans :She took over the will of him.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いじ
Meaning :maintenance, preservation, improvement
Ex :豊かゆたか社会しゃかいでは、だい部分ぶぶん人々ひとびと高いたかい生活せいかつ水準すいじゅん維持いじしている。
Trans :In an affluent society most people have a high standard of living.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いしき
Meaning :consciousness; awareness, sense; mano-vijnana (mental consciousness, cognizer of sensory information)
Ex :彼女かのじょ大勢たいせい少年しょうねんたちに凝視ぎょうしされているのを意識いしきしていたと思うおもう
Trans :I think she was conscious of being stared at by many boys.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いじょう
Meaning :strangeness, abnormality, disorder
Ex :毎年まいとし世界せかい各地かくち異常いじょう天気てんき起きおきています。
Trans :Every year brings stranger weather to many areas of the world.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いす
Meaning :chair, stool; post, office, position
Ex :椅子いすとかテーブルとかの搬入はんにゅうはどうするの?
Trans :What will we do about getting tables, chairs and such?
練習 :
Hiragana :いずみ
Meaning :spring, fountain
Ex :彼らかれらはそのいずみのど渇きかわきをいやした。
Trans :They satisfied their thirst at the spring.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いぜん
Meaning :ago, since, before, previous
Ex :そのよる以前いぜん彼らかれらあく感情かんじょう決してけっしてなかった。
Trans :There had never been any ill-feeling between them until that night.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いた
Meaning :board, plank; sheet (of metal), plate (of glass), pane, slab; cutting board, chopping board; chef (esp. of high-end Japanese cuisine), cook; stage (i.e. at a theatre)
Ex :厚いあついいた貫通かんつうした。
Trans :The arrow pierced the thick board.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いだい
Meaning :greatness
Ex :有名ゆうめい物理ぶつり学者がくしゃであるうえに、かれ偉大いだい小説しょうせつでもある。
Trans :In addition to being a famous physicist, he is a great novelist.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いだく
Meaning :to embrace, to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby), to hug; to harbour (e.g. grudge) (harbor), to bear (e.g. a grudge), to entertain (e.g. suspicion); to have sex with, to make love to, to sleep with; to sit on eggs
Ex :「ロミオとジュリエット」の家族かぞく互いにたがいにあく感情かんじょう抱いだいていた。
Trans :There was bad blood between the two families in "Romeo and Juliet".
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いただく
Meaning :to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy; to eat, to drink; to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top); to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
Ex :そちらさまのお電話でんわ番号ばんごうをいただけますか。
Trans :May I please have your telephone number?
練習 :
Hiragana :いたみ
Meaning :pain, ache, sore, grief, distress
Ex :こし痛みいたみからあしなまりのように重くおもく引きずるひきずるように歩いあるいていました。
Trans :His backache left him lurching along with leaden legs.
練習 :
Hiragana :いたる
Meaning :to arrive at (e.g. a decision), to reach (a stage), to attain; to lead to (a place), to get to; to come, to arrive, to result in
Ex :滅びほろび至るいたるもん大きくおおきく、その道は広いひろい
Trans :For the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction.
練習 :   
Meaning :surroundings, circumference
Ex :指導者に言われた通りにしただけです。
Trans :I only did just as the coach told me.
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Hiragana :いち
Meaning :place, situation, position, location
Ex :只見ただみまち福島ふくしまけん南会津みなみあいづ地方ちほうにあり、急峻きゅうしゅんやま隔てへだて新潟にいがたとの県境けんきょう位置いちしています。
Trans :Tadami is in Minamiaizu in Fukushima; cut off by steep mountains and located on the prefecture border with Niigata.
練習 :
Hiragana :いちじ
Meaning :one o'clock; once, at one time, formerly, before; for a time, for a while, for the time being, for the present, for the moment, temporarily; a time, one time, once
Ex :きりのために、交通こうつう一時いちじ不通ふつうになっている。
Trans :Due to the fog, traffic is temporarily suspended.
練習 :
Hiragana :いちどに
Meaning :all at once
Ex :かれ階段かいだんいちさんだんずつかけあがった。
Trans :He jumped up the steps three at a time.
練習 :
Hiragana :いちば
Meaning :(town) market; (the) marketplace
Ex :贅沢ぜいたくひん市場しじょう急速きゅうそく成長せいちょうしている。
Trans :The market for luxury goods is growing fast.
練習 :
Hiragana :いつか
Meaning :best, first, number one; game, round, bout, fall, event (in a meet)
Ex :アフリカ大陸たいりくのどこかへ行くいくとしたらどこが一番いちばん衛生えいせいてき安全あんぜんですか?
Trans :If I was going to the African continent where would be the safest and most sanitary place?
練習 :   
Hiragana :いっか
Meaning :a house, a home, a family, a household, one's family, one's folks, a style
Ex :彼女かのじょ一家いっかはブラジルへ移住いじゅうして行っいった。
Trans :Her family moved to Brazil.
練習 :
Hiragana :いっしゅ
Meaning :species, kind, variety
Ex :なぜ一種いっしゅ植物しょくぶついち年生ねんせい草本そうほんになったり、多年生たねんせい木本もくほんになったりするのでしょうか。
Trans :I wonder why it is that some plants become annuals and others perennials?
練習 :
Hiragana :いっしゅん
Meaning :moment, instant
Ex :どうぞ、皆様みなさま最後さいご一瞬いっしゅんまで粘り抜いねばりぬいてください。
Trans :Will everyone please stick with it to the last moment.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いっしょう
Meaning :whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era; (the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
Ex :先進せんしんこくでは虫歯むしば激減げきげんし、自分じぶん一生いっしょう食べたべられるひと増えふえています。
Trans :Cavities have become rarer in the developed countries and more people will be able to eat with their own teeth throughout their life.
練習 :   
Hiragana :いっそう
Meaning :much more, still more, all the more, more than ever; single layer (or storey, etc.); rather, sooner, preferably
Ex :こんなはじをかくのならいっそ生まれうまれなければよかった。
Trans :I had rather never have been born than have seen this day of shame.
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